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February 6 at 10:00am

This Is Transmedia

By Ted Hope

I am producing Lance Weiler‘s HOPE IS MISSING (with Anne Carey). It’s hard to call it just another feature film when Lance does so much more to expand the story world. In the past, I have encouraged filmmakers to make a short to demonstrate their skills or help clarify the world they want to create. Yes, Lance made a short for HopeIsMissing (aka H.i.M.), and you can watch it at the bottom of this post, but that’s just a tip of the iceberg.

When I speak about it to studio execs, most still don’t know what I mean when I say it is a transmedia project. Hopefully that will never be the case again once we make the feature. One would think that this would have already changed though by what has been done already.

Perhaps you were at Sundance and encountered the PANDEMIC. It was an installation at New Frontier. It was an online experience. It was location-based ARG. It was story R&D. Lance explains:

How I Learned to Start a Pandemic from Turnstyle Video on Vimeo.

We had Lance on KillerHope and he explains it a bit more:

The press sure picked up on it. I posted some of it here before. Here’s Gizmodo.

Oh yes, and here’s the short:

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  1. John Cassavetes / Feb 6 at 10:00am

    This is so incredibly corny and gimmicky. How is this any different than putting little plastic Transformer toys in Happy Meals? Is he getting paid by Verizon to do this? Where are the Herman Melvilles and Charles Bukowskis of film? Where are they dying and laughing themselves to tears at this?

  2. Luci Temple / Feb 6 at 10:00am

    Is there another link to the videos that can be viewed outside of the US?

  3. Steve Spielberg / Feb 6 at 10:00am

    Umm…I definitely agree with John, this is really gimmicky and quite lame. Why would people want to be involved in this? The story is stale and doesn't offer people anything meaningful. The whole idea seems catered to fifth graders, not adults. Or maybe Mr. Weiler is an elitist that feels like he's so much smarter than his audience that he must dumb his ideas down to them.

  4. Mark R / Feb 6 at 10:00am

    Lame. Lame. Lame. Why anyone would take this site the least bit seriously when you've consistently made it an outlet for promoting Lance Weiler and his overblown work, I'll never know.

    It really is appropriate, Ted Hope, that the URL for this mess is hopeismissing.com.

  5. JC / Feb 6 at 10:00am

    Perhaps I can add some relief to commentators here in terms of expanding the conversation on the transmedia. The territory that Ted is exploring is a new producing vision that has been made possible in part by technical advancements such as digital storage/recall and transport capabilities of media. In our case, our transmedia project “Icons Among Us: jazz in the present tense” is a four part TV mini-series on Doc Channel USA, Sky Arts UK, Globosat Brazil, DBS Israel, Mezzo France, DR Denmark, TVE, TVC Spain and a feature film that has passed through the festival circuit and AFI's 20/20 program. Also, a DVD/VOD (feature only at this point, four-part series to come, educational version available next month via Naxos) with Indiepix/FilmBuff and a soundtrack in the works with a jazz field guide (ebook & soft cover) also being developed. This multi-stream exploration of narrative is not for short sighted. On the producing side it takes a great deal of effort but if you have a successful platform or brand (Icons Among Us®, next iteration is “Icons Among Us: the eco evolution” on sustainability innovators) then you have established a spring board and or gained brand recognition with distribution flowing through multiple channels. You have to have quality and timely production and narrative values, critical recognition and in our case the entertainment partnership financing to advance. A fictional play that has risen lately is “Carlos” (airing on Sundance as a 5 part series as well as a Comcast VOD feature length after coming over from Europe via TV and Euro Festivals). In addition, the PGA also recently created an official credit for transmedia producer. So, it is becoming a viable path for fiction and non-fiction narratives with the right material, execution and vision. As always it comes down to quality and originality of the filmmaking. Hope my commentary sheds some light on the emerging possibilities.

  6. jean-luc godard / Feb 6 at 10:00am

    you are all imbeciles

  7. Zak Forsman / Feb 6 at 10:00am

    Transmedia and Lance's work in alternate forms of storytelling may not be for you, but why not just say that? Why the need to hurl a few personal insults around? It's no wonder you guys hide in anonymity. Wouldn't be surprised if all three posts were by the same unfulfilled and resentful person.

  8. Zak Forsman / Feb 6 at 10:00am

    “This Internet age has given rise to the critical sniper, and snipers have always been the most despised of soldiers. The Internet critic is foulmouthed and illiterate — he hides behind a cloak of anonymity, he offers no products of his own making. The insults he issues have a playground quality. He says to others what was once said to him, believing that they will feel the same hurt as he did, and still does. And somehow this will compensate him. The abused has been sold on the benefit of becoming the abuser.

    The only criticism that is valuable to others reflects universal truth, it is not merely an expression of the inner conflict of the critic, and needs must be practised by those most qualified and most altruistic. Negative criticism is often nothing more than boasting in disguise and, like most boasting, is just an outward manifestation of inner feelings of inferiority.”

    - Roger Ebert


  9. Chris Carmichael Ubiquity Corp / Feb 6 at 10:00am

    Trans media have lunched puzzles and other social media for example video games and many studios. Its provided many other knowledge.

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