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January 26 at 8:19am

Ambition In The Best Sense (aka Lance Weiler)

By Ted Hope

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lance Weiler for maybe two years now.  I love how he thinks.  I love how he takes that thought and transforms it into action.  Process is more key to what he does, than virtually anyone else I have worked with.  The journey is the destination.  He is willing to walk without knowing where it all might be going.  He is collaborative to the Nth the degree.  His vision for cinema truly knows no limits.

Wired Magazine singled him out this summer as one of the fathers of transmedia.  BusinessWeek credited him with changing cinema alongside Thomas Edison, The Warner Bros., and James Cameron.  Between his features, The Workbook Project, & DIY Days, the man is profoundly generative.

If you were in Sundance this past week (and even if you weren’t), you probably witnessed how he infected Park City with a Pandemic.  Others certainly did.  Jamie Stuart shot this beautiful video for Filmmaker Magazine on Lance’s Pandemic activities. FearNet has acquired his short which was screening at the fest. For those that like to hold their stories in their hand, you can follow it on Twitter here. AND  of course there is a website. Granted, I am producing the feature, but believe me when I tell you it is thrilling, horrifying, beautiful, and groundbreaking; it’s a shame you have to wait until I raise the money to see it.

Christine Vachon and I also got to speak to Lance for KillerHope on Hulu.

Lance created this short as a style template for collaborators throughout the world to help capture the outbreak in their local territories.  Check it out and get filming!

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  1. Zak Forsman / Jan 26 at 8:19am

    Just wanted to add what a tremendous honor it was to be part of the team on the Pandemic 1.0 experience here in Park City. Myself, Kevin K. Shah and Gary King served as the Transmedia Unit (sort of like 2nd Unit on a feature) producing short vignettes that illustrated key moments in the story arcs of a few characters who were describing their experiences on Twitter as a strange pandemic swept through town during the Sundance Film Festival. The Sabi Company produced, directed and edited the following “short shorts” working with a handful of very talented actors — Cody Horn, Billy Magnussen and Will McFadden.


    These little vignettes do not stand on their own and are only given context by the narrative arcs in the tweets from these fictional characters, so we're grateful to Chuck Wendig who wrote these Twitter arcs and Janine Saunders who managed their release with the team at WBP Labs. Enough cannot be said about Mark Harris who programmed his heart out, giving a unique platform to tell this story. And of course I'm thankful to Lance Weiler for giving us an opportunity to play in his sandbox. It has been a rewarding 10 days and I'm sad to see it end… but eager to get home and begin developing the next works.

  2. Mark Harris / Jan 26 at 8:19am

    Thanks Zak. Was very excited to be involved on something with you guys as well. I've wanted to write this software which tells a story through data and user interaction for some time, and this project was the perfect opportunity to get it off the ground. Look forward to deploying it on future projects. Also, was good to work with Vectorform, who provided the Surface Table and the mobile app, both of which we integrated into my platform.

    I gained a lot of knowledge on this, which I hope to apply on the Transmedia aspects of THE LOST CHILDREN, and many other projects to come.

    Hope I get to kick it with you guys again!!!

  3. bluelly / Jan 26 at 8:19am

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