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December 18 at 8:15am

May You Never Really Know What You Are Doing

By Ted Hope

Okay, we aim for mastery (yes and autonomy and purpose too) but it’s most exciting to grow.  And personally I think it is more exciting to WATCH someone who is learning than someone who is demonstrating what they know.  I describe this as loving the experiment over the proof.  I get chills when I watch someone pushing it, taking it out on the limb, not knowing if it will work, or really even where it will take them.

In this brief interview with me from a few years back (that just surfaced), I lay it out pretty well (if I do say so myself):

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  1. Craig A Champion / Dec 18 at 8:15am

    Mr. Hope

    I absolutely love this post. I identify because I am in the thick of what you describe. It gives me hope and even confidence that, especially writer/directors we don’t have to know and see all as long we’re keeping our learning curve active. Thanks for posting.

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