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November 20 at 9:45am

It Broke My Heart But The Mission Remained Intact

By Ted Hope

You’ve given me the support I needed to go forth and try to get this done. Granted, I had enough support from the beginning to actually believe there was a chance I could not just make movies, but make good movies. That is a real gift, an advantage few have. Courage, faith — those things were there, but so was doubt and fear. Love and hate. The wolves in battle.

What if it didn’t work? And then when that was true, when it did stop working, or at least start to stop working for most, what made me think I could help build something better?

What gives us the strength to make big decisions? To change our path? To take on new burdens?

Again, it was the support. So what if it wasn’t really there? At least not from those that I thought promised me? Does it really matter? I only felt alone. Because you still were there. You’ve always been there.  The support.

We are in this together.  We can build this better.

What will be the next chapters? How will you fit in?

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