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March 13 at 8:30am

New List Of Future Film Investors

By Ted Hope

Producers pride themselves in sourcing new financing sources. There generally is not a large supply of eager new money to leap into film biz. One agency has even taken to refusing to share with the producers they are representing the sources they are submitting to, for fear that they won’t be the new financiers’ preferred suppliers. Knowledge is power, but transparency is progress. Which is why I am excited to share this list with you…

You almost would expect a financier list to be the sort of thing that is found on Wikileaks. I do think we are entering a period when free culture moles inside the agency world (yes, they have been planted and are digging away furiously), will start to drop documents on the Deadline desks, but this list did not come from such a source.

The Film Biz is always a bit obsessed with lists. Box Office. Highest Paid. Most Powerful. Most Number Of Twitter Followers &Facebook Friends. You’d think ability to get movies made would always be something that Industry-ites would track a bit more thoroughly. Well, until we start do this, I am pretty thrilled to be offered THIS LIST annually. So who on it do you already know? What can we do to get them into this world a bit more thoroughly? I don’t know about you, but I am going to head off to China next month. Isn’t that what any self-respecting film producer should do? Let me know if you have anyone over there you think I should meet.

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  1. LA / Mar 13 at 8:30am

    Film Project Funding Program

    Program Highlights

    100% funding of the film budget
    10% minimum down payment required ($2MM minimum)
    Currently 5.00% fixed interest rate loan with 5 year term
    Principal and Interest repayment is deferred until film completion
    Loan/equity participation hybrid program
    Angel may be provided a preferred rate of return and added to the budget (20%‐30%)
    Non‐personal recourse loan
    Lender fees and other costs are due at closing and may be built into the budget
    North America, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Puerto Rico filming locations only
    Over 60 combined years in the entertainment funding field
    $5MM to $25MM Loan amounts (slates to $70MM)

    Please note: The movie must be a financially viable product with a “bondable” producer in place; distribution must be already worked out, along with the usual and customary basic financial movie project criteria. This is not an “automatic” funding, and the finance group qualifies film project candidates based on the quality and viability of movie distribution.

    Initial Deposit
    The funder offers the following funding mechanism as to how the initial investment is handled.

    Trustee Program – 10% of the film’s budget, (minimum $2M), is brought forth by the film’s project angel/investor and is placed into an insured escrow account or a dual‐signatory bank account where it remains until the end of the film funding. Those funds will be returned to the angel/investor at the end of the funding of the film project. The client’s funds never leave the trustee account; are blocked, and are 100% protected at all times.

    Lender Default Clause. Should the lender default on any payments to the client, (either through an agreed upon monthly draw‐down schedule, or the agreed upon Single Payment Method) the client’s funds in the trust account are returned to the client immediately upon request, and any loan disbursements that have been received by the film maker are forgiven.

    Lender’s Terms
    The lender’s loan (currently in the annual interest rate range of 4‐5%) with the principal and interest deferred during production. The lender’s Note is full‐recourse to the film enterprise Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), and its financial receipts only (all receipts, both hard and soft, are administered by Fintage House). This loan is non‐recourse to the principals.

    Recoupment of principal and interest is 75% of the net proceeds of the film to the lender with 25% of the net proceeds to the film maker until the loan is satisfied. The note may be pre‐paid at any time, but interest for the entire year is due for any portion of a year in which the loan is open. If the filmmaker does not pay the loan in full, part or all of the minimum 10% that has been placed into the Trustee’s Account may be used to complete the payoff of the Note. If the film generates enough net income to pay the Note in full, the down payment is returned to the filmmaker.

    Costs and Fees
    ½ of 1% Trustee Fee based on the 10% placed into the Trustee’s account
    The lender requires 2% in total loan fees which may be built into the budget.
    Also add into the budget a 2% Broker Fee for intermediaries.
    A Due‐Diligence fee of $20,000 will be due at funding, and this also may be added to the budget.
    There are never any up‐front Cost or Fees

    Time Frame
    A Binding Term Sheet can be issued in a matter of days, and closing will occur shortly thereafter. Film funding may start as early as 45 days after closing if the draw‐down method is utilized, or 4‐6 months for the Single Payment method. **Funding time frame is based upon a mutually agreed to draw schedule with the film maker prior to closing.

    Submission procedure
    Our lending partner requires proper submission protocol that must be followed for a successful and timely funding. To get started we will need complete and thorough information about the film project you are seeking funding for.

    Items needed for our review:
    Executive Summary or Full Business Plan
    Completed script
    Bond discussion letters
    Press Kit (if available)
    P & A budget
    A seasoned director and talent attached (or at least in “talks”)
    Must have a bondable producer in place.
    State film tax incentives equal to or greater than 20‐30% of the production cost.
    Product placement/brand integration monies equal to up to 5% of production cost.
    Foreign presales based on talent and director attachments along with a real foreign sales agent at 65% of production cost based on 50% of foreign presales.
    Domestic distribution discussions to finish out the 100‐120% return they plan on giving over to the investor.
    MPAA rating of no more than Restricted (“R”).

    After we receive these items we will review the information and initiate a phone conference with you and your client to discuss the transactional and financial feasibility of the requested funding for the film. We want to ensure that we have a clear understanding of your funding goals including amount and terms desired and the time frame needed for funding.
    If after this discussion we feel that it will fit our funder’s guidelines, we will submit a full package to our funding partner. Upon their initial approval we will then initiate a phone conference with you, your client, ourselves and the funder to discuss the program and answer any questions you or the client may have.
    Please note: These three items will be needed before any major conversations take place with the funding source.
    Proof of Funds
    Full budget supporting the request for funding
    Month by Month burn schedule

    If your film project may fit these parameters, and your client is seriously seeking film funding, submit your film project for our initial funding review.

  2. AUGUSTIN / Mar 13 at 8:30am

    I Have good marathi and hindi project looking for investors for the same
    narration already done with artists

  3. Randy Holmes / Mar 13 at 8:30am

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Mel Gibson will make this movie once I have obtained funding.

    BlockBuster Movie of the Future !!!

    Title of movie or Series: “Antigravity World” 2018

    Lets make a movie about an old man inventor who wrote a book after he discovered the “Aether”, and that all “Matter” is make of “Light” .

    With the knowledge of the “Aether” he discovered “Antigravity” by using static electricity, and freely gave this information by way of Youtube Videos to the world without getting patent rights or revealing it to the Anti-gravity suppressing government.

    The results of this action caused people all over the world to start making this “Antigravity Energy”, resulting in Antigravity Transportation (Spaceships), Antigravity Buildings (Levitating Housing), and Antigravity Force Fields (Protection of person and proper by Electrostatic Force Field), and the creation of an “Antigravity World”.

    People finally got their “Antigravity World” in 2018 and oh what a wonderful world it is !!!!!!

    This is a True Story !!!!
    Proof: Go to Aether-light.com Antigravity

    Randy Holmes
    3425 Littlestone Cout
    Fayetteville, NC 28311


    Lets take a moment to thank Michael Morgenstern.

  4. Eze Onyeka / Mar 13 at 8:30am

    (WRITTEN/SCREENPLAYED BY: Prince Onyeka Eze – Story by Prince Onyeka Eze



    Somewhere, deep in the heart of the rich continent of Africa…
    We gradually close in on the map
    …lies a village, rich in peace, love, culture, and a hidden wealth…
    We settle on the name (muzanga) on the map
    We travel at a fast pace over the waters, sandy lands, grassy fields, forest and slowly settles at The mountain of muzanga.
    It is told, that this mountain, embeds, the precious diamond, that is worth the wealth of ten nations put together… and the cries of all…
    We see people swallowed by the ground on their way to the mountain
    We see flashes of people in the forest heading to the mountain – encounter strange death

  5. SACHIN / Mar 13 at 8:30am

    Marathi film fiance

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  14. Dr.V.Mohan MBBS / Mar 13 at 8:30am

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