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August 31 at 10:06am

Lee Daniels On Moving From Producing To Directing

On Episode Five of Christine & Ted Talk To Directors At Sundance ’09, Lee Daniels, director of Precious, talks about how talking as a producer, is much different that talking as a director:

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August 30 at 7:33pm

Talking About The Early Days: Hartley, Gondry, Field, Puccini & Berman, and Motolla

Okay, this is also about talking these days too, but I didn’t know how to put that into the headline.

I was interviewed on Wednesday by Aaron Aradilis for his BlogTalkRadio show “Back By Midnight” on the occasion of the DVD release of ADVENTURELAND. Martin Starr precedes me so that give you ample reason to tune in, but if you need more Anthony quizzed me on the big questions like why I wanted to make me movies in the first place. We cover Hal Hartley’s early films, and the current state of indie film of course. We go into why it was obvious that Michel Gondry, Todd Field, and Puccini & Berman were obvious artists to back for their first narrative features. We even hit the state of film criticism and the crisis in print media. I guess we go on for awhile.. but of course you get to enjoy my nasal honk for most of it (and a couple good tunes off the Adventureland soundtrack).

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August 30 at 10:25am

We interrupt this programming to remind you…

Please visit our concession stand.

(Thanks to Jan McLaughlin for the tip!)

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August 29 at 10:05am

Brian Newman on Moving Beyond Free to "Free (With Fee)"

Brian is pretty damn articulate about the emerging new paradigm. We posted him before here and here.

Hat tip to Ray Pride at MovieCityNews/Indie

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August 28 at 12:11pm

Twitter Posts: Another week gone by

  1. @nathanwrann I am glad you thought Adventureland was excellent. I guess now I can offer you the $ back guarantee. Thx 4 not stealing it!
  2. Rob Zombie grew up in Haverhill, MA I blv. I grew up next door. How come we make such dif movies? We drank the same h2o but dif koolaid..
  3. Intnl Panl on Climate Chg (IPCC) predicts up to 30% of species worldwd r @risk of extinctn @a glbl temp increase of a few degrees Celsius.
  4. @FrontAve I recommend you contact an Indie Film mag or blog and offer to cover it for them if they can get you press credentials.
  5. Throw out ystrdy’s papers & reYer yr brain: IndieFilm v3.o is blossmg right now & if u aren’t participatg in http://bit.ly/11hC60 u r 2late
  6. Wow. My A Thousand Phoenix Rising speech for Film Indep. has just been translated into Spanish: http://bit.ly/4fHbV
  7. Hey, whoever sent me the box set of LoveTrain: The Sound Of Philadelphia, thank you! But it seems an intern threw away any note that went w/
  8. RT @prachman: the more we learn things on our own through inspiration, the more we own them.
  9. Even when it is more questions than answers, it is worthy. It is part of our process of discovery.
  10. Great co Adventureland is in! Goodbye Solo, Life Is Hot in Cracktown, Nights & Weekends, Rudo y Cursi, Sunshine Cleaning, Trouble the Water
  11. With this I pass Babe Ruth’s HR ttl & Quaalude’s ID# in # of tweets. Old Good Machine office was 417. What is it all about? GadDagGodDog?
  12. Forget about exhib glut, what about DVD glut. So many great DVDs came out on Tuesday!
  13. @vdovault min wkly amount of intros is bcz IndieFilmBiz crumbling needlessly. We have tools content & knowhow but every1 is solo. Why?
  14. the P2P user attends 34% more movies in theaters, purchases 34% more DVDs & rents 24% more films than avg Internet user.http://bit.ly/3XO51I
  15. What would happen if we all introduced 10 of our associates, friends,comrades, contacts to each other every wk? This wk I’ve done >20.
  16. Qualities Of Better Film #29 of 32: LEAVING SOME THINGS UNEXPLAINED now up at: http://www.hammertonail.com/
  17. I used RSS feeds to gather info but my mailbox just filled up unread. Now I use Twitter for the same thing & I like it better.
  18. @chlotrudis U R right! “COLD SOULS was really good! Witty, funny, moving, visually stunning and original.” Everyone MUST see this film.
  19. @JavianAshtonLe Thanks 4 help on Adventureland. Still wondering how many others optd to help t artist vs stealing (& thus how to survive).
  20. Mike Goodridge is going to moderate conversation w/ Thomas Mai & me at Toronto Intl Film Financing Forum 9.13.09 I hope you can come.
  21. I am a fan of t “my mind’s been blown by the life I’ve chosen” genre of film. There’s been a bunch, but WeLiveInPublic does it really proud!
  22. My wife just said (lovingly) that in the Adventureland bts featurette my hair looks like PeeWeeHerman’s, only sideways! & she’s right…!
  23. Bordwell: Storytllg is * all about control. It smtmes obliges t viewr 2 take advntrs she couldnt imagine. http://trulyfreefilm.blogsp…
  24. @prachman Ah, don’t go looking for the brightside. It’s one of the reasons why most films are redundant and dull. Same thoughts retold.
  25. Thx @SportaboutSarah! Thx @dom_lefebvre Thx @CineVegas I love that you love Adventureland! The world should follow all of you!
  26. Avg Studio director? male, 93% white, prev directed 6.1 films, age 45.62. Hmmm… Ready for a change? http://bit.ly/6v5Tp
  27. Big Fan opens 8/28. I loved it. Patton Oswald & Kevin Corrigan are the best screen team since, since, since… just the best period.
  28. @filmstudiesff Thanks & I dig your stuff 2. Here’s to more thoughtful mindful film consideratn! Btw check out http://www.hammertonail.com/
  29. Want to help out a struggling IndieFilm producer? Tweet; “I love Adventureland”. Also “Buy the Adventureland DVD now!” Thanks muchly.
  30. Completed my Adventureland Tweet Sentiment check with http://twitrratr.com/ Gives clearest presentation of 3 but still more to be done w/.
  31. We need to put “love” next to Adventureland more often. Just checked http://twendz.waggeneredstr… and many mentions w/o sentiment.
  32. “The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die.” ~Ted Kennedy
  33. September 4th at 8pm, Alec Baldwin hosts WILLIAM KUNTSLER: DISTURBING THE UNIVERSE at Guild Hall in East Hampton. http://bit.ly/2TCRzq
  34. Here is something I really like about some films: http://thesearethosethings….
  35. Want to see a whole lot of great stuff? Check out: http://marcschiller.postero…
  36. RT @MarcDSchiller “This fan created vide for Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks” is absolutely lovely http://post.ly/2roW ” I 100% agree!
  37. Wondering what’s the best way for composers & musicians to break into FilmScoring? Surely there is some easy way to access filmmkrs.
  38. The best thing to do when you don’t have the money is work on the script. But what’s the second best thing to do?
  39. Our next Goldcrest Screening is Wed Sept 2nd. NY Premier of Pastor Brothers’ CARRIER starring Chris Pine & Lou Pucci. A Likely Story Prod.
  40. Tweetfeel says 71% of TwitterUniverse feel the right way about Adventureland — they love it! What did I do wrong that its not higher?
  41. I wonder how many ppleare going to race out & buy the ADVENTURELAND DVD when it hits the shelves today? How soon until it is on BitTorrent?
  42. Adventureland DVD hits the streets tomorrow. I am definitely putting this one in my collection.
  43. Just met with my IFP MADE IN NY mentoree — who’s great. You can’t SAVE INDIE FILM without being a mentor or 2 or 3. Better get yours asap.
  44. @kvpi print is a different sort of attentn & commitmt, & thus pleasure. We lose much with its loss. We gain w access & speed but lose more
  45. Fantastic! Harvey Pekar has a new comic up for free over at Smith: http://www.smithmag.net/pek… & follow him at:@PekarProject
  46. No News IS bad news. I nvr thought that havg a hometown newspaper was a privilege. I hope the NYTimes nvr goes bust: http://bit.ly/1JWP1x
  47. “The tree of crazy is an ever-present aspect of America’s flora.”: Rick Perlstien on Birthers, HealthCareHecklers etc: http://bit.ly/cJcUL
  48. @alisap27 tipped me to Poland’s Why Twitter Doesn’t Matter (Much) To Film Marketing: http://bit.ly/RDzqQ
  49. How great Costume Designer Arianne Phillips got started (& why she’s successful): http://bit.ly/18uP91
  50. Top Indie Distribs this yr? First Run & Zeitgeist. Then: Argot, IFC, Koch Lorber, Regent & Strand – @indigochameleon http://bit.ly/ZblWc
  51. RT @gflahive By Michael Erard: A Short Manifesto on the Future of Attention http://bit.ly/4SGYr #filmmakers MUST READ
  52. Bordwell: “Storytelling is artistic tyranny, and not always benevolent.” http://bit.ly/dICOz
  53. RT @noahharlan Bordwell on transmedia, specifically work of @lanceweiler and @tedhope (& HT’s @filmmakermag) http://is.gd/2sTxg – Must Read
  54. Bordwell: Storytelling is crucially all about control. It sometimes obliges the viewer to take adventures she could not imagine.
  55. Chris Jordan AGAIN does some great art that dramatizes the real story well:http://bit.ly/phIk5
  56. 90% Americans don’t listen to music on cell: http://bit.ly/Wscdj but Blkbstr puts movies on some cells: http://bit.ly/OOAQX
  57. @powertothepixel ‘s position on digital innovation should be adopted by all: http://bit.ly/gSDnu
  58. American consumers looking for less exp alt to local cineplexes (click twice to enlarge: http://bit.ly/SqYPG (thanks to Reed Martin)

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August 28 at 10:24am

How Does Being An Actor Prepare You To Direct?

On Episode Four of Christine & Ted Talk To Directors At Sundance ’09, Alan explains how being an actor helped him later direct:

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August 27 at 11:00am

Filmmakers’ Alliance Vision Award Acceptance Speech

As mentioned earlier here, The Filmmakers’ Alliance in LA were kind enough to bestow upon me their Vision Award on August 19th. As this had only gone to directors before, I was pretty pleased. As it came from true indie filmmakers, I was thrilled. Alan Ball was kind enough to present the award to me.

By the way, Alan did give my wife his jacket. Man, was it cold in there!
Also btw, the speech I reference from last year is this.
And if you are still here, please watch part two, where I give my mantra for the future:

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