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February 16 at 11:16am

Movie Website Design Trends

By Ted Hope

Movie Marketing Madness tipped us to a very extensive article in Smashing Magazine on current trends in Movie Website design.  Although it slants heavily towards the studio pics, several specialized films (the great Waltz With Bashir, The Class, & Milk) are featured as well.  Check it out here.  It would would be great to see the same for True Indies, but I won’t hold my breath.

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  1. Yogesh Jagam / Feb 16 at 11:16am

    Worth watching truly Indie Films
    a delight for indie film lovers


  2. Chris Thilk / Feb 16 at 11:16am

    I think the problem with doing too deep an analysis of the web design is that, quite frankly, there isn’t much. “Design” isn’t a big part of that presence. Instead it’s all about functionality and doing what the producers can with the little money that’s available.

    What you would find with True Indies are a couple components there are nearly universal, such as:

    1) Awards/Festivals – A very strong emphasis on what fests the movie was accepted to play at and what awards might have been won as a result.
    2) More downloadable material – Pictures aren’t buried under Flash and can be downloaded and spread by online media.
    3) Information on playdates and locations – A lot of True Indies that I’ve looked at have a constantly updated lists of towns and theaters the film is playing at.

    Like you, though, I would like to see a fuller look at that niche.

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