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December 30 at 11:30am

Tools Update: Theatrical Mapping Project

By Ted Hope

Jon Reiss writes:

I suggest TFF add the theatrical mapping project from the Workbook Project
“tools” section of the Truly Free Film site (consider it done, Jon! – Ted). This map was my first step in the theaters that I contacted for our theatrical release of Bomb It and as such was hugely instrumental in our release. We found other theaters that were not on the map and have since added them. The map was set up by the wonderful Lance Weiler – and it only expands if you contribute – so if you have a theater (or college campus) please add it – its very easy. I like Ted’s idea of potentially having another list or map of college campuses that screen independent film. We are working on booking Bomb It currently into colleges – so if you have any suggestions – send them along!


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  1. Allan Nicholls (anicholls@burlington.edu) / Dec 30 at 11:30am

    Is there any information on the digital exibitor
    of films?
    Has Ira Deutchman’s compny Emerging Films ever surfaced.
    I am out of the loop up here in rural Vermont, so I much appreciate learning about the “New World”.



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